Sunday, June 5, 2016

More Preparation

The time has officially come and gone. Kevin and I turned in the required 60 day notice for our apartment.

Flashback to mid-May...

I went by the leasing office to find out what we would have to pay because we would be terminating our lease about a month early. Well, the leasing agent and assistant manager on duty told me the fee would be in my lease, but since I don't had a month and 3 days on my lease (after the date of my notice), I would probably only have to pay August rent and prorated rent for September. So I left the office to actually pen my 60-day notice.

I returned to the office a couple weeks later to actually turn in the 60-day notice and to get clarification on the early termination fee for my lease. You see, I had reviewed my copy of my lease and found an astronomical figure equal to two months rent. I had to be reading incorrectly! I don't even have 2 months left on my lease after my notice.

Lo and behold, the figure was correct. But God...

As long as I give a 60-day notice, I am exempt from the termination fee! I just have to pay July's rent as planned.

Cue holy dance!! I had to use some serious restraint to keep from shouting all over that ladies office. LOL.

Moral of the story:

  1. God is AWESOME!
  2. Read your lease carefully. I just missed the sentence about the 60 day notice. 

With this new information and a thankful spirit, Kevin and I will prepare to move into my grandmother's hotel. Opps, I mean house until I receive my Golden Ticket (precious plane ticket and entry visa). :-)

Until next time...

Happy Days! -Ashley

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