Friday, May 27, 2016

Sorting out the banking situation

Greetings everyone!

Since today is my second day off (1st without other plans), I'm trying to get more of my checklist done. That's definitely easier said than done as my bed has been calling my name all day long. It is especially hard not that I've found this Harry Potter marathon on Freeform. LOL. Such is life.

Well, I did manage to write the post about our legal documents. Yay! Then I needed to call my bank, Regions, to find out about international wire transfers. Got that done too!! Woohoo, I'm on a roll.

Here's the details on that phone call.

I can transfer money from my NBAD account (National Bank of Abu Dhabi) for a fee of course. Incoming transfers are $18 each (from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Alabama, USA). Outgoing transfers  are $45 each (from Alabama, USA to Abu Dhabi, UAE). The exchange rate changes daily based on the market. Today's exchange rate is:

After 5:00 rolled around, I realized I forgot to ask if the wire transfers could be done via my online banking account. Other than that the process seems simple enough, but I wonder if I can find cheaper fees at another bank or credit union.

That's next on the list. I guess I'll do that on Monday.

Until next time...

Happy Days!

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