Friday, May 13, 2016

YouTube is Awesome!

I've had a great time the past few days exploring videos related to Abu Dhabi on YouTube. Well, I found a couple of videos that might interest you as well.

First, here's a video of what my apartment could look like. This person is in a suburb of Abu Dhabi. The accommodations vary greatly depending on what region one is place in (Abu Dhabi City/suburbs, Al Ain, and Al Gharbia-sometimes referred to as the Western region).

Next, here's a video of a person's experience flying over to Abu Dhabi. What's cool about this video is he shows a glimpse of what his hotel room looks like.

Here's an example of an apartment/flat in the Al Ain region.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an example in the western region. Sorry.

Overall, it looks like Kevin and I could be placed in any of the 3 regions as we don't have any children, yet... Most people with children are placed in Abu Dhabi City or Al Ain. Singles and couples can be placed anywhere. If I had to choose, I think I'd vote for Al Ain or Abu Dhabi City. The western region has less to offer as far as entertainment/things to do are concerned. I plan to have an active life. It would be nice to be within a short drive or walking distance to those type of things.

Until next time...

Happy Days! -Ashley

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