Thursday, July 14, 2011

Behavior Management

Today's topic stems from The Organized Classroom Blog Facebook Fan page. The question of the day focuses on managing student behavior. 

In my classroom, I use responsibility logs. I have a binder with a tab for each student. I assign numbers to students so I never have to replace the tabs from year to year. In each tab, students have a log.  Students have to sign the log when they make poor behavior choices. There is a consequence for each time a student signs his/her log. The log requires the student to write a brief description of what they did wrong. During class, I simply say sign the log. The student has to then figure out what poor choice he/she made. I send the sheet home at the end of the week for the parents to see and sign.

Responsibility Log

My reward system is a team building competition. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, right? Super teams is what I call it. Students are organized into teams where they can earn points toward prizes. Teams can earn points by working cooperatively during class and doing well on tests. This helps ensure students are ring responsible for their learning. It also fosters some interesting educational conversations amongst my students. 

Roles of Cooperative Learning[1]Poster for Super Teams[1]Cooperative Grouping Strategies

Cooperative Grouping Strategies
Poster for Super Teams
Super Teams Roles
Responsibility Log

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